Live the journey under a clear sky

Live the journey under a clear sky - 26th June: International Day against Drug Abuse

  • What are drugs?

Drugs rhey are chemicals that cause changes in the mental sphere of a person's emotion or behavior and are addictive. Interactive factors are both the nature of the drug’s substance and the personality of the person and the social conditions in which he/she lives.

  • Why is it more common for young people?

Due to the curiosity against the "social disciplined social class”. The drug trafficking is performed through friends - acquaintances.

  • Why is it so difficult to eradicate them?

Because there are huge profits for the drug dealers, there are daily indirect references that enhance their social status, and because they are available in the social or natural environment.

  • What can we do?
    • Be correctly informed
    • Better assess the phenomenon
    • Keep trusting the state as an individual
    • Offer essential awareness to all population groups
    • Improve the living conditions
    • Positive stimuli: Music, Art, Sport, Spiritual Arts, Love, Safe Sex, Dreams

Do not forget that life is full of opportunities that we can enjoy! Dare to dream and your dreams can be realized!

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