A few words regarding Psychotherapy

While it has been a century since Sigmund Freud firstly introduced the concept of Psychotherapy, it has not yet been fully established -in our consciousness- as an effective therapeutic intervention.

Modern research and methods using images have confirmed the effectiveness of psychotherapy. It has been proven that it brings constant changes in the brain function!

This is independent of the type of psychotherapy, while the healing determination factor appears to be the relationship between the therapist and the person treated.

Apart from this, there are now many psychotherapeutic approaches, individual or in groups, with predominant ones the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT), the Psychoanalysis and the Systemic Psychotherapy.

What kind of psychotherapy someone will choose to follow, depends on the accessibility, time and money that someone has, what suits him/her best as a style, but also depends on the kind of problems he/she faces.

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