A Few Words Regarding Psychotherapy and Methods

Until a century ago, Psychiatry treated any mental deviations, in the logic of the "Psychic" pathology.

Sigmund Freud was the one who “stirred the waters” by introducing the concept of Psychoanalysis, that was the interpretation of Psychic phenomena and events, thus laying the foundations of Psychotherapy.

Since then, many therapists and others tried to continue, add or even challenge Freud's work, forming Psychotherapy as it is known today, an acclaimed Mental Intervention with no longer incontestable effectiveness.

Many psychotherapeutic approaches exist today. The most known are Psychoanalysis (or Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy), Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy and Systemic Psychotherapy, performed either on an individual level or in groups.

The duration and frequency of each of the above varies and depends on the patient and the issues he or she is experiencing.

Efficacy also varies. From studies performed, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy seems to have the best therapeutic results in the best possible time.

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