Marios Zittis is a Psychiatrist and has significant clinical experience in acute and chronic cases. For a decade he was the curator of the Psychiatric Clinic "Galini" and has also worked in various hospitals such as “Evangelismos”, “Aiginiteio”, the General Hospital of Kalymnos, “NIMTS” and the Mental Health Center of Pagkrati.

He also is a Psychotherapist, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy (CBT). He treats individuals, couples and specializes in adolescent psychotherapy.

He also is an active member of various international psychiatric research teams, investigating into drug protocols regarding among others depression and schizophrenia, by compiling and presenting the respective results also in conferences.

He participates as a speaker in various medical conferences, but also informs the public –voluntarily- in community awareness meetings (such as clubs, schools, etc.) regarding issues such as anxiety, depression and drugs.

His services can be provided both in Greek and in English and online.

He also provides prescriptions for ΕΟΠΠΥ.

His offices are located in Kifissia, Oropos and Nicosia.

Areas of interest, expertise and services

  • Psychiatrist 
  • Clinical Psychiatry
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Psychotherapeutic intervention
  • Αdolescence therapy and Couples therapy
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Consulting and Advising
  • Treatment Plans and Evaluation
  • Trauma and Depression
  • Medical certificates and reports
  • Stress Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Guidance and Emotional Support

Work Experience

Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist                                                                                                 2004 - Today

He treats and monitors patients under medication. He works as a cognitive behavior therapist to adolescents, adults as well as adult couples. He also performs online sessions, psychotherapeutic intervention, provides medical certificates and testimonials, expert’s opinion and also prescribes drugs.

Psychiatric Clinic ‘Galini’ – Curator                                                                                         2004 - 2013                                                                                       

He was the curator of the clinic and chief or the department, treating patients with per os or intravenous treatments and ECT.

Mental Health Center of Pagrati                                                                                              2001 – 2004

He worked for the following departments:

  • Department of interconnecting hospitalized patients
  • Outpatient clinic Children and adolescents department

ΝΙΜTS’ Hospital                                                                                                                         2000 – 2001

In the context of his medical specialty, he was trained in Neurology.

General Hospital of Kalimnos                                                                                                  1999 – 2000

In the context of medical specialty, he was trained in Pathology.


2015 – 2016: Medical MBA, Athens University of Economics and Business

             2013: Psychiatry of Adolescence, 1stPsychiatric Clinic, ‘Aiginiteio’ Hospital 

2001 – 2005: Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy, Institute of Research & Behavioral Therapy

2003 – 2004: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,‘Aiginiteio’ Hospital

              2004: Specialized in Psychiatry,‘Evangelismos’ Hospital

              1999: Medical Degree, School of Medicine – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Participation in research programs - protocols

  • Observation study aimed at assessing the prevalence of depressive symptoms as well as outlining the epidemiological characteristics and treatment of external stabilized patients with schizophrenia in Greece.
  • Long-term treatment of Major Depressive Disorder
  • 12 month Greek prospective non-interventional multicenter study for early stage schizophrenia treatment 
  • Non-interventional prospective study in patients with alcohol dependence and major depressive disorder in Greece
  • A non-interventional, multicenter, retrospective, chart review study of the first schizophrenia patients
  • Prospective Non-Invasive Multicenter Observation Study in New Adult Patients with Initial symptoms of Schizophrenia
  • Perspective observation study for the assessment of cognitive functions in Patients with major depressive disorder. 

Member of Medical Organizations

2000 – Today: Greek Psychiatric Society 

2004 – Today: Psychiatric Association of Cyprus 

2001 –  2004 : European Federation of Psychiatric